Inclusion Code HTML

Versión en Español.

Everyone can learn to code!

Inclusion Code screen shot.

Inclusion Code HTML version, is an accesible Integrated Development Environment (IDE), that facilitates learning basic web programming skills by non programmers special education students.
It was developed with a simple interface, using Windows standard controls, making it compatible with assistive technologies like screen readers software, braille displays, screen magnification and voice recognition software.
All of the program commands, can be used with keyboard shortcuts and the program will display the Windows system colors selected by the user.
It was developed by José Manolo Alvarez, a blind programmer professor from the University of Puerto Rico. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. The software includes English and Spanish languages for all the menus.

Educational tool

Inclusion Code HTML version, is an educational tool that supports learning basic HTML code with an accesible user interface.

The advantage of using a Integrated Development Environment (IDE), to learn HTML, is that can make it easier to code by automating some of the tasks for you.

With Inclusion Code you can learn to code in HTML, and create a basic web page in a very short time, in a very easy way.

Once you learn the basic HTML tags in Inclusion Code, you can use a text editor in any technology like Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Linux or Android to create web pages.

Picture of a braille display.